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Mesquite Sleep Apnea & Snoring Therapy

Dr. McKnight can give patients restful sleep and wakeful days with snoring therapy

Snoring may seem like a harmless annoyance, but it can signal a larger problem. Sleep apnea is a health-threatening disorder causing breathing to become restricted during sleep. Snoring can be a symptom as you fight to breathe during the night, constantly being restless and frequently waking up. Sleep apnea is sometimes caused by problems with your airway becoming restricted during sleep causing you to literally stop breathing for a time as you are unable to pull air into your lungs, and Dr. McKnight’s sleep apnea and snoring therapy techniques help alleviate this type of sleep apnea. Left untreated, sleep apnea can lead to much greater health problems like high blood pressure, and a significant greater risk of stroke, heart attack, and even making diabetes worse. Dr. Byron McKnight has extensive training in sleep apnea and snoring therapy.

First, Dr. McKnight will determine if problems with your oral structures are the origin of your snoring or sleep apnea issues. If so, he will fit you for a custom oral appliance designed to create extra space in the oral cavity and throat area, allowing air to once again flow freely while you sleep. It only requires a simple impression and fabrication of the custom appliance. If it is determined that your problems are severe enough to require a positive pressure breathing machine (CPAP) to be used, he can create a custom face mask to go with it that is half the size of the customary mask and fits so well that the machine’s pressure becomes completely silent. Everyone in the room will appreciate that. The amazing fit will also allow you to do away with the annoying straps that customarily are required to secure the mask around your head. If you have ever spoken to someone who uses a CPAP they will tell you that the noise of the machine and feel of the mask make it very unpleasant. The custom mask solves those problems.

We have found many patients that either have a real issue with constantly being tired, or actually have a sleep apnea problem that requires treatment for health reasons. What we have also found is that many of those same people don't know what to do about either one of these problems. Dr. McKnight has advance certification in the treatment of snoring and sleep apnea and can help get those patients back to feeling rested and healthier. So if your spouse is kicking you in the middle of the night or you find yourself waking up and wishing you had another hour or two to try to get some sleep, why not take the screening test below and see where you officially stand on scale for having a sleep breathing problem.

Epworth Sleepiness Test

If snoring is a problem please contact our Mesquite dental office today to find out about the solutions. If sleep apnea turns out to be the cause Dr. McKnight will discuss the various ways that it can be alleviated.

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