3819 Towne Crossing, Suite 205
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About Our Office

Because life is stressful enough, we strive to create an office environment that will help you feel relaxed and invigorated. Our spa dental practice includes a massage therapist, aromatherapy towels, and luxurious pillows and blankets for your comfort. But while we expend a lot of effort to give you a spa-like atmosphere, we still take your dental care very seriously. Our office uses the latest technology to ensure optimum oral health and give you a beautiful smile.

Our dental care technology includes:

Starting from your first visit, you will receive an extremely detailed and thorough comprehensive dental examination. Our staff attends to your every need from the moment you walk in the door, and Dr. McKnight provides hands-on, gentle, and attentive dental care. Whether you need cosmetic dental care to correct dental imperfections or restorative dental care to counteract damage incurred from wear and tear, Dr. Byron McKnight will make your smile brighter and healthier while you enjoy our comfortable spa-like environment.

3819 Towne Crossing, Suite 205
Mesquite, Texas 75150

(972) 698-8000