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Root Canal Therapy—Mesquite, TX

The Fastest Path to Relief

young woman feeling relieved thanks to root canal therapy

It’s just about dinner time, and you’re hungry, but you don’t really want to eat because your tooth is in so much pain. What started as a minor annoyance a few days ago is now keeping you up at night, and you know it’s time to reach out to your dentist in Mesquite. When it comes to stopping the worst toothaches, often the most effective thing Dr. McKnight can do is perform root canal therapy. Despite its reputation, once the procedure is completed, the only regret most patients have is that they didn’t get it sooner. But, because we know it can make a lot of people feel anxious, you can learn a little more about how it works right here.

Do I Need Root Canal Therapy?

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There is more to each of your teeth than just the hard enamel on the outside. Beneath it is a layer of a yellow substance called dentin, and below that is the dental pulp. This is a collection of soft tissue and blood vessels in addition to the nerve of the tooth.

If a cavity or infection is able to reach this delicate pulp, this can cause it to become inflamed and swell. The pressure this creates is far from pleasant and is often the source of the most severe toothaches. Root canal therapy is designed to treat this kind of problem directly, protecting the patient’s health while giving them lasting relief.

The Root Canal Process

dentist pointing out infected tooth

The basics steps of getting a root canal usually go like this:

  • First, Dr. McKnight will ask about your symptoms, examine your tooth, and take X-rays to determine if your pain is due to infected dental pulp. If it is, he’ll recommend you get a root canal.
  • To begin, he’ll numb the area with local anesthetic, and if you need more help to relax, you can opt for sedation dentistry as well.
  • Once you can’t feel a thing, he’ll create a small hole in the enamel so he can reach the pulp.
  • He’ll remove the infected tissue, disinfect and clean out the interior of the tooth, and then fill it.
  • During a follow-up appointment, you’ll receive a custom-made crown to further restore the tooth and ensure it stays functional and strong.

The Benefits of Getting a Root Canal

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The reason that root canal therapy is considered to be “painful” is because the sensations caused by the toothaches it fixes are often falsely connected to the procedure itself. In truth, thanks to modern methods, it tends to feel like getting a small filling, which is to say not bad at all!

In fact, a root canal offers several benefits to the patient:

  • It stops the tooth pain almost immediately
  • Prevents the infection from spreading to other teeth
  • Saves the natural tooth
  • Helps the patient avoid the time and expense of replacing the tooth
  • Enables the treated tooth to potentially last a lifetime

For patients experiencing a lot of pain, we can often get them in and perform a root canal the same day, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you need help.