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The Best Lipstick Shades for Making Your Teeth Pop

April 15, 2024

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Two women laughing while applying bright pink lipstick

Okay, ladies. Let’s say you’re thinking about teeth whitening – or maybe you’ve already invested in this popular treatment. It’s an exciting time. Your smile is dazzling, you’re looking good, and feeling even better. And then, finally. It’s time to show off your perfect whites to your friends at a dinner outing. This is a critical moment, so think carefully now.

What do you do with your makeup?

We know that applying makeup is kind of like working magic. Every detail, down to tones and textures, can drastically change our aesthetics. This is your chance to capture the picture-perfect grin for all of your social media profile photos. You want your newly whitened smile to be front and center, so choosing a complimentary lipstick shade is important – and a lot of fun.

Let’s start off right with some fantastic lipstick color suggestions that will help your teeth shine!

Winters: Make Your Teeth Stand Out with Some Bold Choices

Winter girlies need lipstick that can keep up with the cool, intense notes in their natural palette without washing out their teeth. Per usual, stay away from pastels that will get lost next to your bolder features. Instead, try a vibrant fuchsia, deep blue, or rich purple. These icy hues will make your white teeth pop! Just keep in mind that any purples you choose should lean blue. Redish purples are more likely to cast an orangey tint over your smile.

Summers: Your Whitened Teeth Will Look Natural with These Lipsticks

Summers know that their natural palette is low contrast, meaning they can totally rock some elegant shades! You want a color that will blend well with your features and make your bright whites look right at home. Petal pink and almost any mauve are sure to give you a classic Hollywood flair. For something a little more outside the lines, give lagoon green a chance. You might be pleasantly surprised by the results!

Autumns: Avoid Yellowing Your Teeth with These Glamorous Hues

If you’re an autumn, you might be used to searching for warmer shades. However, your typical oranges and brick reds could bring out the toothy yellows you’re wanting to keep in the past. That doesn’t mean you don’t have any awesome choices! Now’s the perfect time to break out peacock blue, peony pink, iris, and, if you’re feeling daring, dark chocolate brown.

Springs: Keep Your Teeth Sprightly and Shiny with Some of Your Favs

Springs arguably rock the most pinks, but in this case, they should steer clear of any peachy hues. The orangey undertones are likely to dull the sparkle in your newly whitened smile. Aim for a blue-leaning coral or lean on your favorite pastels to add some contrast between your warm skin tone and pearly whites. Lavender and baby blue will bring your colors together without diminishing the white in your teeth!

Getting excited to try some new color combinations? If you haven’t already, remember to call your dentist to schedule a teeth whitening appointment. They’ll work their professional magic and elevate your pearly whites to sparkly diamonds! After treatment, they’ll be just as psyched as you for your red-carpet moment.

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Our team at Byron McKnight, DDS, MAGD loves treating patients like movie stars. We offer luxurious amenities so your teeth whitening appointment truly feels like a spa day. To contact our office and start the process, call 972-698-8000 or visit our website for more information.

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