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Teeth Whitening in Mesquite

Let Dr. McKnight brighten your smile professionally

White teeth are a sign of youth and vitality. Over time, everyone’s smile fades. However, we can help brighten your smile with our teeth whitening procedures. Dr. McKnight offers both in-office and take-home teeth whitening, so you can get the smile you want in a way that best fits your situation and schedule. While it may be tempting to look for an over-the-counter home whitening system, our whitening options will give you a whiter result that lasts significantly longer than the other prepackaged choices.   Currently the American Dental Association currently only recommends home teeth whitening systems dispensed by your dentist.

If you elect to have your teeth whitening done in our office, we will carefully isolate your teeth and apply the bleaching gel to them.  We will carefully monitor your treatment and reapply the gel every 15 minutes for several treatments, creating the whitest result possible. In about an hour, your teeth may become several shades whiter. Relax while you whiten with our spa dentistry amenities.  Our in office treatment will also include a set of custom trays to allow you to touch up you whitening at home, maintaining your result for years.

If you have a busy schedule and prefer only our at-home teeth whitening, we will create custom bleaching trays just for you. Wear the bleaching trays at your convenience while regaining the bright smile of your youth.

3819 Towne Crossing, Suite 205
Mesquite, Texas 75150

(972) 698-8000